Virgin of Chamorro / Hermitage of Chamorro

Natural viewpoint - Hermitage


This chapel, without a defined style, has two different names: one is the chapel of the Virgin of Nordés another of Hermitage Chamorro, On Easter Monday the procession is held. There is a legend associated with the Virgin of Our Lady of Chamorro or Nordés: One day a fisherman's boat to sink beneath the raging sea, implores helps Virgin Nordés and distressed, he exclaims: "You die". The Virgin saves and has since called the place, the shrine of Chamorro. Since its surroundings you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city and the estuary of Ferrol. Festivity on Easter Monday. Thousands of devotees, in honor of the Virgin of Chamorro, up to the sanctuary standing or kneeling, penance, following the Stations of the Cross. Once there, make offerings to the Virgin and spend the day in a cheerful country day with bagpipe music.