Luminaires San Juan

Night of June 23. In different areas of the city, highlighting Esteiro


The meiga night of the region, attracts thousands of people in the heat of the fires communal-luminarias-. In the city of Ferrol, the party is mainly divided between Canido, Esteiro, A Grana, Esmelle and San Xoan de Filgueira. With seven feet high and twenty tons of wood waste which comes from the Navantia-, the fire Battalions stands as the largest of those held in the center of Ferrol. With over one hundred years behind, were conscripts North Tertius which for many years were responsible for their preparation in the space where today the parking Dolores Headquarters is located. In Esteiro, will also organize other activities such as the Race Route Shipbuilding, the Mariñeiro market with crafts fair and traditional tour of the neighborhood Esteiro, Cuartel de Dolores and Fontelonga. The heat from the fires is mixed with the smell of sardines, which on this day are roasted outdoors and are accompanied by red wine, pie, queimada ... and music