Ferrol Expedition

Popular recreation of the famous battle that takes place in the mountains of Brion


Popular recreation of the battle fought in 1800 and halted the English invasion progressed dangerously towards Ferrol. The actual meeting took place on 25 and 26 August 1800, and for 24 years the Association of Residents "Castelo" Brion celebrates the anniversary inviting participation from everyone who wants it sumarse.Para two gears are held: that of the who wanted to take possession of the land and those who defended them. Participants may choose which side they will fight and consequently wear the appropriate clothing for the occasion. The first, failed invaders leave at ten o'clock Curuxeiras dock in a boat that landed in the castle of San Felipe, from where they will continue the journey on foot through places of San Cristobal, Honey, O Confurno , Monteventoso and Montes de Chá -denominados mountains Brion-.The tour is about twelve miles. For its part, the defenders depart from the clubhouse of Brion at noon and the journey of two miles and a half, continue for A Carreira Vella and Liñares towards the Montes de Chá, where they wait for the invaders to cast into Tues. After the meeting there will be a fellowship meal, in which all participants will have to be provided with their own meats