Club Ferrolvento Windsurf

Introductory and advanced courses in windsurfing.


Our facilities are located on the left side of the beach Caranza. We have several containers for windsurfing equipment and zodiac, and a house with male and female changing rooms. The assembly area and stowage material is artificial turf for comfort. Also sweet to shower water and sweeten the material. The navigation area is quiet, with plain water. The school facilitates the entire table and instructions. IS A MUST KNOW HOW TO SWIM. The courses will be taught on an ongoing basis in the morning and / or evening, on condition of having a minimum number of students. It is NOT necessary to be a member to join the courses. The courses are taught for 10 hours Monday through Friday, 2 hours per day, in the morning, from 11 to 13, or in the afternoon, from 17 to 19h. The price is 60 euros (54 and 6 year federal license). The refresher course you will continue to progress and learning things like beachstart, waterstart use the harness, etc.

Caranza beach, Avenida Del Mar
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