Night of Pepitas

Traditional holiday celebrated in the night on March 18, the day of San José. Festival of Tourist Interest in Galicia.


On this day it exalts the love and beauty and virtues of ferrolana woman (the name comes from Pepita Pepa/ Josefa/Josefina, a very common name in Ferrol for over a century). The rondallistas, dressed in layers-style Tuna, guitars and other instruments, act on the streets of the city (hover to women under the balconies, as formerly) and the Plaza de Amboage, from morning until late morning. In recent years, the city restaurateurs shared among its customers a sweet heart-shaped known as "Bicos of Pepitas". Among the events of this festival has been included in recent years, a reception (morning) to storytelling and his "godmothers" with local authorities, an event that also serves to vindicate the existing brotherhood between cities of Ferrol and Mondoñedo