Battery La Cortina

Battery - Fortification


This defense artillery battery is the sea front of Arsenal's west side, nearly 100 guns pointing toward the mouth of the estuary. It is a powerful defensive element that fortunately never had to be used because no enemy was ever able to penetrate beyond the zone between the castles guarding the entrance of the estuary. It was built as the crowning of Dock Shelter with all elements of the "perfect body", that is, with its buttresses and battlements that protected the parapet battlements and loopholes, following academic standards in their traces (shapes and sizes) to place the guns. Also remains a tinderbox in the area that works right flank, covering the true shade. Makes a bend of 90 ° in its southern part (Punta Hammer) to close and defend the mouth of the Arsenal. Its length, the perfection of its geometry, the art of cutting granite blocks and design their booths, make it an exceptional and representative work of the eighteenth century and technology is essential to the understanding of the whole defense.